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Businesses have come and gone, but it generally isn't related to tourism.

The numbers that the State has put out for about the last decade were around $6 billion in economic activity from tourism, and anywhere from 75 to 85 percent being from residents of the State.

They see that in everything from snowmobiling on through... snowmobiling/OHRVs just give them a greater sense of the number because we don't have reciprocal registration; so the accounting is a little more accurate.

Oddly, they have public outcry in the STR (rentals) in that category also.

So more long term residents to the area, regardless of having a kitchen, is really what supports these businesses.

Same thing happens in our business... new build currently has control, but I still need to focus on the renovations/repairs that homeowners DYI... because the economy will slow, and they are the long term customer that keeps the business running; that is why I like the small old camps and cottages.
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