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I was only indicating that the blanket statement that primary-home residents don't offer their property for STR is just not so. It is the base assumption offered by others that everything else flows from. There are as may different owner situations as there are places to rent. Like Descant, I know someone who rents out their primary residence - of a house in a town they are RESIDENTS of.

Just pointing out that all of this isn't just a money-maker for out-of-towners. In some cases it helps people meet their living needs. And as long as the housing prices keep rising, taxes keep going-up and "ahem" some of us are getting older, the STR thing becomes an option for some to retain their homes on the most beautiful place in the world.

Those of us that live here full-time are lucky. To give up the place you love because your fixed income can no longer support your home is hard. It is a privilege to live where we live. If I ever get to that place where i am living on the edge of affordability, I would look at the option myself. I don't want to leave here...
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