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Yeah we had an issue with renters from a house a few houses over. Luckily I had a lot of frontage and so did my neighbor that was full time so that gave us some buffer.

But it was fireworks almost every night. Because it was vacation for them.

Uncontrolled dogs that would wander onto our property and we couldn’t let our dogs out in our own yard. Luckily that would only happen a week here or there but you never knew who might show up.

Problem was owners were very good friends. At least they lived their full time and it was a separate cottage they rented.

When we shopped around for a new place we were VERY careful watching out for renters. Also need to watch out if there is a popular rafting spot right in front as well. You HAVE to shop for property at the peak of summer to know what you are getting into.

I like seeing activity on lakes more than most. When fellow owners say “they are gone” come September with a smile, I’m like, bummer they are gone. But there are always a few bad apples that do spoil the whole bunch.

The new spot I’m in, should be pretty good and stay pretty good. Adjacent home is worth $4 million easy. A neighbor down the road has a serious problem though and I feel bad for them. They just finished rebuilding too. But they have a really bad neighbor that rents to anything.
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