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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
I don't know what situation or problems prompted this discussion in Gilford but I would be against substantial changes or over regulation.

Many of the motels and waterfront rentals in the area have become owner occupied condos and created a shortage of places a that a family can vacation on the lake. The opportunity for families to enjoy the area (and spend money at local establishments) should not be taken lightly.

I have a home on the lake in Gilford that is a weekly rental in the summer and then one tenant occupies it for the winter. I have been renting this house out since 2004. I am very aware of what is going on at the house all summer because I live next door.

There are laws in place for noise, parking, fireworks, and any number of other things that may be a problem. I think the existing laws are adequate to stop any problems, should they occur.
I don't know what the specific regulations are in Meredith, but if the home five doors away from us is any indication, those laws are likely weak or poorly enforced (or maybe the immediate neighbors have simply given up). This home is rented throughout the summer to many one or two-week renters. Some are quiet but others make up for that with loud gatherings that extend to 1:00 AM and beyond, and at times unsafe boating. Police have been called and the owner talked to by neighbors but that hasn't really achieved a whole lot given the homeowner's absentee status. We're just far enough away to not be overly bothered by it but I sure wouldn't want to live next door.

I think effective regulation is key and I like the sort of ideas that Sunseeker suggests where there is a strong incentive to not exceed certain levels of tolerance (effectively giving nearby neighbors hope). I agree, don't over regulate. But there's a need for reasonable laws and repercussions that sting if they aren't followed.
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