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Originally Posted by Dave R View Post
There's no way they used fiber gears in the drive train, those gears need to be as small and rugged as possible to handle the power without adding drag and steel is the only way to go. Yamaha used a badly designed fiber gear in the first generation 4 stroke to drive a counter-balance shaft in their engines, but I hear that problem was addressed at least 15 years ago. I would not hesitate to buy a Yamaha, they make a great product and there's a reason they are, by far, the biggest outboard engine maker in the world.
This is exactly right and the issue applied to the 2012 and prior F150's. The issue has long been resolved. If the OP is looking at an older motor they should ensure this issue has been addressed. With all due respect to Mercury and the other outboard brands, Yamaha has a very well deserved reputation as an incredibly reliable outboard and paying additional money to swap it out for a different brand at an additional cost is a move most boat buyers wouldn't make. There are documented cases of F150's with 10,000 hours on them in commerical use. Yes, the V8 F350 had flywheel issues but give them credit they acknowledged and addressed them.
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