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Originally Posted by Major View Post
I see nothing wrong with a community standing up against bad behavior. You either live by our rules, or find a place that will tolerate it. It has nothing to do with one's backyard. It has everything to do with what you want to be. One thing I know, we do not have control over the individuals involved. The choices are theirs alone. After some effort to help, I have no interest in finding out what works versus what doesn't work. I would rather focus on things that can be fixed and improve our community.
It's tolerated every day. From last weeks LDS, 40 indictments for drugs -

And in anther month or two you can read all about the suspended sentences / released with time served / $620 fine suspended on condition of one year of good behavior.....Etc.

For fun - Google the first five names on the list and see if you can count the times all of them have been arrested previously - I won't waste the time beyond the first five, but I bet every single name on that list has no fewer than three prior arrests. Most will have more.

I would be chastising the judges to start tossing maximum sentences around. No problems solved, but it gets rid of the person for a couple years, and noone was solving the problem anyways.
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