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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
Not many replies so far. Not surprising as this isn't a lakes region topic. Nevertheless, nobody yet has said "Take this cruise"? Perhaps a river cruise is a better choice? We're looking at a hotel barge cruise, 10-14 people, gourmet chef, bicycles to tour while you're waiting for the locks. For cheap, you can rent :Le Barge" and drive yourself, subject to your own cooking.
I've never been a big cruise fan but the river cruises sound interesting. When I went on a cruise I found that there was too much Sea time and not enough land time.
When you're headed home it seems like your vacation is over and that trip home is just too long, JMO.
I'm interested in this thread as I would also like to go to Italy.
I've only been over sea's twice to Sweden and Czech Republic.
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