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My niece and her husband are in Freedom Boat Club and I have had much experience with them going in their boat at different locations. I observed many situations that seemed sketchy with other members of FBC handling their rental boats. As with actual boat owners with their boats, some captains are competent, some not.

Your 21' bow rider seems like a reasonably good fit for a rental. Last summer we took our boat to Wolfboro on a fairly busy day. I always put our boat as close to the bulkhead as possible (bow out) to avoid being hit by folks backing out. An older gentleman was attempting to back out a very large pontoon rental boat. He was scaring everyone. While I was helping one boater quickly untie his boat so he could escape, my son jumped on the swim platform of a stranger's boat to avoid a catastrophe between those 2 boats. Many were yelling instructions to this guy, but the real scary part was the speed at which he was proceeding. Somehow my son was able to fend him off without damage.

21' bow rider good, big pontoon boat bad- as far as rentals go.

Good luck with your idea. I believe if you vet the captains closely enough you will be fine. We have rented boats in Florida and it has been win/win for us and the agencies.
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