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Default I wonder what can be seen on these 1940 films reels.

I wonder what can be seen on these old 16mm Home Movie s of Lake Winnipesaukee. Happened to stumble across it on E-Bay caught my attention right away. I’m not familiar with older video formats and wouldn’t have anything to play it back on. Just looking at the listing on e-bay is interesting, here are two captures of the film from the add, there are more shown at advertisement.

Seems like whoever made this might have had a connection to Governors Island. Most of it appears to have been filmed in the 1940’s. with one reference to 1939 and maybe the building of there vacation home. There are several still images from the film, anyone have a guess of who these people were? After quick peek at Wikipedia to see how much footage there might be, it seems that the two reels "could" have about 22 minutes of filming.

Link To E-Bay Listing

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