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Originally Posted by Eagle54 View Post
The room (barn) was setup with long tables, approx 24 ppl per long table; which seemed to be (3) tables for 8 ppl placed end-to-end. We were a group of 6, and it wasn't clear to anyone when servers brought out platters of food who they were intended for ... we asked and the server said the platters were for 8 ppl, which we wouldn't have known unless we asked, so apparently we were supposed to know that the platter of 5 pieces of chicken were to be shared with our group of 6 and the next 2 people along our table. The (5) pieces of chicken were each about a normal serving for 1 person, so definitely not enough for 8 ppl. The chef came around after the dinner and we expressed our concerns and she said "we had plenty of chicken, do you want some to take home?" which wasn't interesting since the chicken was already dry, so having some at home as leftovers wasn't appealing. If there had been plenty of chicken, a more experienced wait staff would have brought more out when we first asked if 5 pieces were supposed to be split among 8 ppl. Hope these issues are addressed and it becomes a real asset to Wolfeboro.
Thanks for the clarification.
I guess they have to cut corners somehow to pay for the renovation of the Big Yellow House..but chicken??
It's never crowded along the extra mile.
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