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Default Pickering House Barn Dinner

We were excited to see the renovation of the Pickering House in Wolfeboro, and tried one of the family-style barn dinners recently. Interesting venue, but overall somewhat disappointing. In our party of 6, everyone agreed the food was mixed: good salad, vegetables & eggplant dish; the chicken was dry, dessert was excellent. The biggest issue was portion control and perhaps 'early kinks to work out' ... eg: for our table of 8 ppl, the server brought 5 pieces of chicken, which created some awkward "you take it, no you take it" with others at our table. When we asked the server, she said "I don't know that's how it comes". Everyone in our group left feeling hungry and feeling it was too expensive for that. Hope they work out the early kinks, as it seems to have real potential.
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