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Petition for Special Town Meeting

In accordance with RSA 39:3, the following individuals petition, to warrant a Special Town Meeting, to be held sometime between the second week of July, 2016 and the second week of August, 2016, of which at least 50 petitioners are required to be registered voters.

The purpose of the meeting is to vote on the following Articles, and the meeting may not include any discussion of appropriations, nor budgets. Voting on all articles shall be done by secret ballot.

Article 1
To see if the Town will vote to repair and rehabilitate the town-owned building known as the Lion’s Club. The definition of “repair and rehabilitate”, including building additions, is to be formulated by a citizen committee, consisting of at least five, but not more than 11 Moultonborough citizens, that are not elected, nor appointed members of any other Moultonborough town or school Board or committee. The actual number of committee members, is to be determined by a vote at the meeting, and to be appointed by the Town moderator at the same meeting. The governing body will submit the Lion’s Club committee proposal, to the March 2017 Annual Meeting for approval, as a warrant article. The Chairperson of this committee shall be the Town Administrator, and is to be in addition to the committee members, but not a voting member.

Article 2
To see if the Town will vote to create a Town Green Park/Common at the town property known as the Taylor Property.
Print Name Address Signature Reg. Voter

____________ _________________ _________________ _______

____________ _________________ _________________ _______

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____________ _________________ _________________ ____

Please mail or forward original signature form to:
Joe Cormier
59 West Point Rd.
Moultonborough, NH 03254

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If any Moultonborough residents want a copy of the petition just email:

A word or PDF attachment will be sent and you can download, print, sign and mail via slow mail. Postage stamps are now 47 cents, instead of 49 cents.

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