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Originally Posted by CampEye View Post
I have a 1,000 gallon propane tank on Camp Island in Gilford that is due for a fill. Can anyone recommend a company to come fill it that charges a fair price to get it out here? Thanks!
Kevin Beckett is the only game in town to fill a 1,000 gallon tank on an island. He took over the propane business from George Randall and previous posters are correct, he loads an Amerigas truck on the Kitty Belle barge piloted by George.

It's worth being there when they do the fill to enjoy the side-paddle barge pull up, and have an extended chat with George (who was working at Camp Idlewild when I was a camper there in the 60s). He's still smoking Camel straights and I'm pretty sure he shares the same gene pool with Keith Richards.

Message me if you would like additional info -PIG

ps: they will only fill 800 gallons to leave headroom for expansion etc
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