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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
Your agenda is well known and your years of protests have been acknowledged. Instead of waking up every day and thinking of all the changes on the lake that displease you perhaps you could find a small lake with a 1920's feel that will be more to your liking. Life is too short to be as negative as you seem to be.

Or, if you are really serious about your objection to larger boats on the lake, instead of being a keyboard warrior why not take some action? Start at the top!

Get into your Prius with the "Bernie Bros" bumper sticker on it and head over to the Weirs. When the families are boarding the Mount Washington for a day of enjoyment on the lake you could be strutting your stuff on the dock with a sign protesting "over sized boats".

Anything else is just negative noise!
Awesome response. It's bad enough we have a speed limit , but now we want to restrict boat size? It is absolutely incredible and just another case of the tail trying to wag the dog
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