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When I went, the whole time, including the 15 minute post shot wait, was about an hour. I consider that pretty good and why shuffle things up to save a half hour or less? Bring a book or magazine.

As to the "scheduled" appointment, there has been a shuffling of the scheduling system between the federal VAMS system and NH's VINI. When I got my shot 3 weeks ago, it seemed clear that they were already moving away from the VAMS system. Yet, I still got emails and texts from VAMS asking me to schedule my 2nd appointment. At my first shot, they gave me a card with my second shot scheduled. I don't know if that info will show up in VINI?

The gist of this is that the system has been evolving and you may be looking in the wrong place to see the schedule for the second shot. If you are concerned, I echo the idea of calling 211.

Personally, I have good confidence that the appointment card I got is correct and will go to Plymouth next Wednesday.
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