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Default Bleach?

No bleach? Makes sense, but my septic/leach field is 47 years old. We use bleach in the clothes washer. That's about it. So, IMHO, small amounts of bleach relative to total water flow probably don't matter. You can buy various products that purport to stimulate the bacteria activity.
Part of the operation of the septic system relates to how big the settling tank is, and how much water flows through it. If you do lots of laundry, showers, dishes and toilet use all first thing in the morning, the water, and bacteria, don't spend enough time interacting. Don't do half loads in the washing machines, do other water activities throughout the day, etc. If you have old five gallon toilets, convert to newer, 2 gallon and other water conservation techniques. And yes, go light on the bleach.
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