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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
1. Replace the lawn with blueberry sod. Green for a longer season, no mowing, and the pie is much better than grass flavored with fertilizer.
2. It isn't deep or long yet, but we're in recession now. You'll hear it from the pundits in about 12 months when they settle in after November mid terms and we start to see presidential candidates in NH.
I think the second quarter will have a slightly positive GDP, but it could be negative giving us the two quarters in the definition.

It has to be long and deep to not only wash out capital excess and restore capital discipline... but must also be long enough to create a lasting imprint.

Once imprinted. People logically should seek to make the land more productive... hence items like the berry bushes.
It is just getting past the emotion into the reality that no politician is going to brave what must be done to get the results that they are demanding.

We thought $14 studs were going to cancel the demand for building... or at least building larger rather than better quality... it didn't even create a dent. Four times the pre-covid quantity are flying out of the yard.

So we are still in the quantity and not quality phase of the consumer cycle.

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