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Default C & J parking

Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
Concord Coach is very good and they travel about as fast as traffic will allow. The travel time is not much different than a car. The buses have wifi so I usually take my laptop out and the time passes quickly.

The only downside, if you consider it that, is they stop at South Station for about 15 minutes going to and from Logan. The C&J Dover, Newburyport bus goes directly to and from Logan with no stops.
C & J Dover bus, at least back in January, only went to South Station. Portsmouth bus goes to Logan and has one stop in Seabrook. Newburyport station has been replaced by Seabrook. Dover and Portsmouth parking is currently free, Seabrook parking is not free. Expect to have to park in the overflow lot at Portsmouth. If you get to park close to the terminal, also buy a lottery ticket, because that day is truly your lucky day.

C & J has more trips to Logan daily than Concord Coach.

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