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Like most things in life, the answer is, "It depends..."

First off, I have found bait-casters to be hard to get the hang of. I bought one a few years ago to try, and always ended up with a rat's nest. I guess this old dog didn't have the patience to learn that new trick, so I don't even use it anymore.

My go-to everyday reel is an open-faced spinning reel. I use it for trolling early in the season, (now), when you don't have to go deep. I also use it for bass fishing in the rocks near me, (crayfish on a hook a foot or so off the bottom).

For mid to late summer trolling when you need to go deep, I have a trolling reel and pole with lead line, (I don't have downriggers).

This is what I like to use and what works for me. I'm sure others who are way more into fishing than I will have more detailed opinions.

Hope that helps!
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