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Default Linear Compressor issue... WTH ????

I'll try to make make my issue concise....
When trying to diagnose why some basement lights were not working in a storage section where all my utilities are located, I isolated the issue to an outlet with a GFI, next to the fuse box. There was only one thing plugged into that outlet, something called a 'Linear Compressor'. When I unplugged the compressor, I reset the GFI and amazingly, the basement lights came on ! I plugged the compressor back into the outlet, it tripped the GFI switch. That said, I left that compressor unplugged.

History of house..... When I bought the house several years ago, I noticed this strange device sitting on a shelf at the corner of the inside of foundation.
I had no idea what this Compressor does, and no one at the time of house purchase could explain either, still remains a mystery ???

Note, one end of the compressor has a plastic hose/PVC attached, which goes through the foundation, coincidently this comes out where my septic system is located. My septic tank is a fiberglass version with three opening lids, and I've been told is 'state-of-the-art'. I should know more about all this as a home-owner, and have no excuse for lack of knowledge. I believe this compressor is somehow all connected to the septic system for some purpose ?

I have taken picture of the compressor, which identifies the company as Pentair Sweetwater Aquatic Eco-Systems in Apopka FL. I have their tel# and will contact them tomorrow.

In the meantime, can the Forum chime in on my Post, and give me information the purpose of this compressor ?

Thanks for your feedback, greatly appreciated !

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