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Unfortunately, innocent people die probably, every minute by accident.
This was tragic, heart breaking, and close to home.
The "cause" of these accidents are in large part due to some kind of activity which caused a distraction, inattention, loss of control, and a myriad of other things.
As a father and grandfather there is nothing worse than your own child dying because of something that happened under your control...nothing worse in life.
A split second is all it takes and I know there is no fault after the fact because then it's too late...just pain and disbelief that it could have happened.
Nevertheless, there was a distraction...a deadly one.
My heart is not cold but I am a realist...could an "attentive" dad, with his mind focused on safety and in control with a daughter in the water have changed the tragic outcome to just another fun day on the lake? Absolutely.
Again, it's unfortunate that these accidents happen and I pray that no one ever has to endure the pain of the loss of a child.
I didn't mean to come off as cold in my previous post but I always think about how these things may have been avoided....that's just me.
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