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Below is a link to the solar charger I use in FL and NH.

It yields 3 watts.

I put a carabiner in one corner grommet and clip it on to the boat.

The other grommets on the one in FL started rusting so I sandwiched some plastic canvas cover bungee stay attachments on them.

I did so on the NH boat but it may have been unnecessary at the lake.

That sounds complicated but it is not. See link below for those.

While 3 watts may not seem to need a fuse, everything connected to the battery does.

I installed a fuse on the positive lead for protection.

The cable has a 12V receptacle plug and an alligator clip option.

Bungee strays. See photo on site. The white parts will lock around the grommets to keep them off the wet deck or carpet of your boat.
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