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Default Upsize Battery?

I'm wondering if I should upsize the battery in my 20' Harris tritoon with 150 Mercury. Factory came with an Interstate 24M-XHD (800CCA/1000MCA/135 reserve@25A) that lasted at least 5 summers. This would be the 6th, but as some of you know, I'm replacing it proactively even though it continues to start the motor because I've had a stalling issue when trimming down that *may be* battery related.

We only use four electronics onboard (in addition to the starting/monitoring system): radio, GPS, inflator (rarely), cell phone charger.

Should I consider upgrading to a 27/31 group battery or, because I got 5 easy years, just assume my usage is fine and that that's a reasonable time to expect a battery to last?

I know there are dual battery options, but I just don't think it's worth the investment/room/retrofit given that we've always carried a jump pack that's literally never been used even after whole days at the sandbar (and, frankly, we wouldn't be bothering with the battery right now if not for that once-in-a-while trim down issue).

One note: I've found in places that the *minimum recommended* for the 150 is 950MCA and that it should be higher if used with fishing/high-power-use applications.

One other note: I've got an Everstart 24 (same specs as previous Interstate) in my garage that I bought last night but can swap this afternoon before heading north tomorrow.

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