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Originally Posted by FWF View Post
We have the same problem, nothing has seemed to work. This winter we ran fencing around the top of the boat slip in the boathouse on the deck and that has kept them out. A good solution for the winter, but Iím sure they will be back when we take the fencing down when the boat goes in......Any chance you are in Alton Bay and we can share the trapper in their territory?

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Yes we are in Wolfeboro.

It's interesting your fencing solution worked. We had been thinking about something similar but received wisdom was that they'll get through anything. If things get really bad, I'd be interested to run netting to the ground inside the bays and have a mechanized way of running it to ground in front of the bay doors. If the otters aren't too persistent, this might convince them to look elsewhere.

So far we've had four good months with the little motion sensor / annoying sound box. We're lucky in that the otters always do their business in the same place, which apparently is a known behavior. Putting the box in that area has really spooked them.

As a second tactic, I've considered cleaning the floor in that area with Pine Sol. The Internet says that keeps them away too -- they prefer areas that have their smell, and Pine Sol apparently repulses them.

I'd be very interested to see if the motion sensor box works for you. Would build conviction it will continue working in the future.
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