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Default Are you sure it was Bogie?

Originally Posted by michael clayton
My younger brother used to work at B.Mae's prolly mid 70's i really don't remember.
The reason i am posting is that he was a cook and one day a customer asked the cook who had made his meal to come out from the kitchen.My brother was a bit concerned at first but it got more scarey. The customer told my brother James that He had just made him the very best Rueben he had ever had and the customer thanked my brother with a hand shake and a tip ..that customer was Humphrey Bogart !!!
My Brother is about to be a head chef or cook as we yankees call them ,at a restaurant that is in need of new leadership will get to meet him in a month or so.
Welcome to the Forum, it's a great place to share our memories of the Lakes Region!
Since Humphrey Bogart died in 1957, I think your brother was had. Maybe it was a celebrity impersonator.
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