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Default Island vs mainland?

Perhaps long time islanders have developed a different tolerance level? As noted earlier, it is common to follow perimeter paths or to develop trails across other's property. Generally, in deference to hunters, hikers etc, crossing land is OK if it is not posted and the liability laws in NH follow that concept. Island dogs pretty are unleashed, and for whatever reasons, rarely leave their own property. It's just a more tolerant attitude. I expect many people don't lock doors, but I really have no way to know.
Assuming the critters in the OP are neighbors and oldsters, it would probably not occur to them that looking into an unoccupied house was rude, or that they would be on a security camera and they had no ill intent. In all the (unbridged) island camps I've visited over the years, few had anything worth the extra effort to steal from an island.
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