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Default The Lodge at Smith Point

Originally Posted by Crusty View Post
I saw the following post on Facebook this morning:

"Life is all about adjusting, swerving and adapting to "new" realities. IF we were to re-open for Summer 2021, featuring a limited menu of New England classics, Lodge classics, etc, would you come? Staffing is going to be the deciding factor. Still early in the process, but, fortunately, the place is ready to go if we decide to go, we need people. Kitchen manager, line cooks, bartenders, servers, etc. Assume a summer employment. If interested in working, send me a pm. If you'd support the Lodge as a patron, post away. Thanks..."

Fair number of positive responses, including potential staff.

Thanks for the update-- I sure hope that they can give it another go-- really liked the place. I think that there is an awful lot of pent-up demand
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