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Originally Posted by LIforrelaxin View Post
So over the years I have had many experiences in the fall and spring while opening and closing the camp. There was the year I put the water in at night, I have put docks in at night... Done it in the cold, and rain etc. etc. etc....

This year there are new conditions to add to what it has been like when doing the simple task you have to take care of every year....

- The wind was blowing unbelievably while we put the dock in on Saturday. My son at times was like a fishing bobber, because of the buoyancy of his wet suit... But as with my other exploites over the years, the task was accomplished and there will be memories and stories to tell......

- Second, because of the wind, I could not get the boat launched right after the dock was in on Sat, it just didn't look like it would be an enjoyable ride from the ramp to the dock, even the kids reluctantly agreed..... This is always troublesome for me, because I want the dock in and the boat at it as quickly as possible.... But that damn wind "Mariah".... So the kids left after helping with the docks, and I feared the pontoon would sit for another week, as the wind wouldn't let up.... So off I went to dinner...which was good... then coming back over the long island bridge, at 7:15 p.m. Sat, the lake was calm... This was it my chance my chance for launch was there... I got to the camp quickly hooked up to the boat and trailer, and got back down to the ramp... As the sun was setting, I launched, paying no attention to the sun at all.... with the truck and trailer parked, I took a nice little ride back to the dock, realizing the whole time I had to walk back to the ramp to get the truck and trailer.... Halfway through that walk, the sun was completely down, and dark had settled in.... I had my dogs with me, who kept looking at me to ask when the hell we where turning back.... finally we arrived at the truck and took the quick ride home.....

Now its Monday Morning, I am in my office, thinking about the situation, and wondering why I just couldn't waited until Sunday Morning to launch the boat.... Oh wait now I remember, I am addicted to boating, like one becomes addicted to drugs.... I see it I wanted, I will find a way to make it happen as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know the movie / Play reference where the wind has a name?
Long quote..short answer: From the Broadway show and film “Paint Your Wagon.”

Oops....Meredith beat me to it. Helps to read the whole thread.

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