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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Oh well, you know, I didn't say anything that was at all bad or mean spirited ... my main point was that most suicide attempts like this one are the result of lack of money which creates a downward spiral of depression and problems .... and how receiving $1000/month for six months, total $6000, could go a long way to fixing someone's suicidal issues.

About the Jewell Trail, which is the trail that Pam ascended; it is a very steep and tough trail, and she chose to go up it which is like climbing up a long steep ladder. And, the other trail, the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail, which was ascended by the anonymous suicidal male from Maine is a much easier, less steep, less rock face trail, that has a more gentle climb and is very scenic. For newbie hikers to the area, this Ammy Trail is a good one for climbing Mt Washington. You have to pay to park in the parking lot there which is owned by the Cog Railroad. Something tells me the suicidal hiker guy probably did not pay to park there ..... like, not his problem?
FLL, you messed up--good people don't make light of suicide in any way. In. Any. Way. And they certainly don't try to minimize inappropriate jokes with more inappropriate jokes.

Just stop. Or, better, apologize and think hard about deleting your posts--just imagine how someone who has been suicide-involved might feel to see your comments.

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