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Originally Posted by smith point boater View Post
Mary and her family/team at JP China are great. If you are (were) such a patron of JPs as you claim it is really very shallow to post such a scathing review based on a singular visit (yes your cousin too). While not knowing details staffing problems have been well known here (and at almost every other Lakes Region restaurant)for the summer/fall. Mary works as hard as anyone at maintaining her business and improving it time and time again since she has owned it. I too go there frequently with large and small family parties. We have NEVER been mistreated or ignored or not listened to. The long term staff is friendly, accommodating and has always treated us and our guests like family. I'm sure Mary is holding new staff members to that standard as well and they will soon be "veterans".

Mary/JP - Keep doing what you do and we'll keep supporting you
Smith Point Boater - You obviously did not take the time to read clearly and only want to say how much Mary does for the Community, that is not what this is about!! I would not call it a scathing review!!! My family as well extended family as with our friends have been frequenting JP for over 20 years 4-5x a month.

As I stated I was not looking for anything from Mary, other to state the FACTS. At no point did I give her an attitude, I let her know very friendly on the way out the door, I was the one that got the attitude. My family and friends are foodies, we rely on JP to enjoy and not to have to cook and has been the most reliable Chinese Cuisine in the area for over 2 decades, but when frequent Patrons are noticing a difference on SPECIALITY DISHES over the last few months on more than one visit, it should be made aware that we the PATRONS ARE NOTICING and will no longer Patron the establishment due to this. It was not on just one visit. I would have expected from Mary the reply: thank you for letting me know and we are working on this, not "your the first one I've heard this from".."that's what happens when you have a 68 yr old cook" and could seem care less (walked away into kitchen) Fact is, I'm the first one is not true, she has been made aware and like I stated I did not believe it either until I tried myself, again, I was not looking for anything and not a reply like that.

Also as I stated the place looks great and she has put so much work into it and that we wish much success, but we will not return until food gets back to where it once was, simple fact!! I was also wondering if anyone else seem to experience the same lately with the food (specifically Specialty dishes, not apps) over the last few months.

To each their own and we do wish Mary and her Team the Best!!


I am now hearing that there may be some hurdles that are being experienced the last few months and that seems to explain our experiences. That can go with any business of course. Also, I was not having a bad day, I believe it was just more disappointment due to the consistency we have been use to for several years even when Mary took over and tried to address that at the time politely and quietly. I really wish this was made known at the time between us. I had no idea why Mary just turned and went into the Kitchen, but I think I can now understand why based up comments elsewhere. The Masshole comment in my 1st post was actually to be a little humor, but did not come across that way it appears and poor taste. You have put a lot of work and effort as well as dedication into JP and it shows!! We have all let that be known in one way or another. Knowing the hurdles now, we will give it some time as I hope anyone else who may have experienced the same regarding Specialty Dishes because that is what we have always admired at JP!! Thank you

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