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Originally Posted by baygo View Post
How unfortunate that you were "very disappointed" with your initial visit. We also really liked Ellen a lot and I am one of those who is resistant to change. To that point I have to state that Mo's welcoming smile ushered me through and I've been back several times. The issues you bring to light can remind all of us of just how challenging the restaurant business can be. The same piece of bacon can be undercooked for one person while over cooked for the other. I went by this morning and purchased my 7th bacon egg and cheese breakfast bagel since they opened. (This item is stressing my efforts to eat gluten free) Each has been consistent in its preparation.

I've witnessed significant growth in their traffic and overheard a lopsided majority of people volunteer positive feedback on the way out the door.

I like you, too wish them well and I hope they succeed. We do however have a different understanding of how we can play a role in helping. When you do go back, if you find something is less than your liking perhaps if you pull Mo or Mark aside and express your disappointment you'll provide them the opportunity to make it right.

I am in no way affiliated with this place other than as a customer. As a matter of fact I own a seasonal competing business. I rely on the Mello Moose to continue doing a great job and delivering a great product as it will provide a tool of motivation for me with my staff.

It doesn't look like a very good breakfast bagel to me, I'm not sure I could eat it.
Although it might have looked better if it hadn't of been wrapped in aluminum foil for an extended period if time.
The presentation for what you get there might have been a better image for us to see.
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