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Originally Posted by gravy boat View Post
My understanding is that they are open Tues-Sat until 2 pm. Once the summer season picks up they may increase or change their hours, is my guess.

Parking is a challenge as the Town of Meredith only allows them a certain number of spaces. They would love to have more but the Town is limiting that. Owners said people can certainly park behind their cars when they are busy - they park on the left side of building if you're looking at the building from the road. (FYI - trash is picked up on Mondays so no fear blocking the dumpster other days of the week.)

The iced coffe is excellent, by the way - love that the cubes are made from coffee so never gets watered down.

I would think Sundays during the summer season would be worth opening but I also understand the need for a couple days off each week. Maybe they can close another day during the week.
I have an Auto repair business and always opened at least a half day on Saturday but as I get older I would rather have all my weekends free. I started closing on Saturday just during the summer months but now I close every Saturday. You just don't make enough to pay extra help to man the shop on a Saturday.
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