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Default Mello Moose Review

Appreciate the response from the owners, and I will give you another try. In my defense, one of the reasons that I didn't say anything that day was because you were busy when we were leaving, and I didn't want to bring up issues in front of other customers. My recommendation is that you stop by tables, introduce yourself, and solicit feedback (as in "anything we can do to improve your experience?") directly. That way you will get to know us, and we you. Because you are new and trying to make the best impression, you need to be especially careful that what you serve is the top notch -- every time. If the bacon in my sandwich was like that pictured, it would have been fine. When I say burned, I mean BLACK and bitter.

But ... that was then, and the Forum feedback indicates that most people are enjoying this new restaurant. I'll chalk it up to opening jitters.
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