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Originally Posted by MMCH View Post
We are sorry that you did not have a good experience at the Mello Moose and hope that you might try us again in the future. We have had many positive customer interactions. And yes, we are not Ellen, however we hope to bring a great coffee house back to the area. It may take some time but we are willing to put in the effort! We truly believe customer feedback is important to our business. We are always available to speak with our customers about the likes, dislikes, and improvements that we can make. We wished we had the opportunity to talk to you about your disappointment while you were there.
Hope you give us another try in the future! Mark and Mo
Perfect response from the restaurant owner! On this forum we have seen other business owners respond and react negatively to comments and criticism and I think that hurts their business immensely. I wish you much success.
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