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Question Golden or Bald?

Except for stunned fish, Eagles will scavenge any floating fish. (And an opportune time to have a camera at-the-ready).

Osprey always take live fish; however, that makes them targets for Bald Eagles. Due to their legendary "eagle-eye", they'll take off to fly at their rarely used top speed to intercept Ospreys. Ospreys will call repeatedly in distress; but burdened with their catch, still drop a lot of dinners to this bullying.

Besides watching for Ospreys, Eagle-watchers should listen for Mother Nature's warnings:

1) Chipmunks call out repeated "Munk" sounds when there's an aerial predator about. For some reason, they're not fooled by ultra-light aircraft overhead.

2) Crows will gather around an Eagle ashore "minding his own business" and gather closely to "caw" loudly and repeatedly, until they drive him off. One crow following close behind will keep him going away.

3) Loons use an abbreviated warning call. (Ah-oo).

Last weekend, I saw a large brown bird speeding from Tuftonboro Neck to Gilford. In less than a minute, I heard a Loon sound a call described as the "Yodel"—another aerial predator call. (Neither bird could be seen at that time). Loons will also "alert" to ultralights and noisy, speeding, powerboats.

Sailing, I can approach closely without anxiety on their part.

Originally Posted by Barbara View Post
Eagles seen flying over Carry Beach in Wolfeboro.
There may be a chance to see the Golden Eagle—rare in Eastern States.

Off Carry Beach, a large Eagle, which I failed to identify (as to which one) swooped down to "dinner" within several feet of my sailboat. As it swooped upwards, "empty-handed", I saw a large white patch under each wing.

Now I had to think, could that have been a Golden Eagle or a juvenile Bald Eagle?

People who know these birds, say a Golden Eagle will never have white spots under their "wing-pits".

(A new word to me).

.Sailing—Good for you and good for the world...
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