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Smile Cindy Davis Message & Other Thanks

I just received and e-mail from author Cindy Davis. She tried to get onto the Forum this morning, but for some reason she is unable get onto the site. She asked me to "thank y'all for having me at your celebration!"

I also would like to send a huge thank you to Quilt Lady for her wonderful donation of the handmade quilt! She is absolutely terrific for donating so much time, effort, not to mention the money that went into making this work of art. You are a great lady!
Maybe next year we can pre-sell the quilt raffle tickets? Only for the quilt.

Thanks again to Rattlesnake Guy for helping make ForumFest happen. I've been obsessing for months and he has been so patient and helpful. From buying our badge holders to listening to my ideas. Then with all your help the day of. You are a fantastic friend and partner.

Meredith Lady, you were a dynamo! You did an excellent job of setting up the raffle items while Don, uh, I mean Paul, and I sold Mount tickets. Your sandwich wraps looked great and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Your selling raffle tickets was such a great help along with bringing items up as they were being raffled. I'm so glad that you were able to join us for your first ForumFest. I hope too many people didn't go hungry when you closed Kevin's for a few hours! Thanks!

Just Sold, I am so glad that you were feeling strong enough to attend FF. Then to jump in and help bring stuff on board along with selling tickets and setting up, you are tops in my book.

Looking forward to next years celebration - the 15th anniversary of! Hope to see some familiar faces along with some new friends.

Thanks everyone for the donations and support - ForumFest was a huge success because of you! You're wonderful!


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