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Originally Posted by outlawfun View Post
My data comes from being on the lake every week, when you see exactly what's going on and not some fake bs presented at a meeting from sl supporters. Thurston marine lost their boat manufacturer along with channel not having a couple of thiers, silver sands gave up fountain and lakeport lost formula. These were all big ticket boats and brought in alot of money, with out profit these places find it hard to stay in business ( now they have to sell way more boats to stay open).Every resteraunt i go in now has no waite and i can get a room in any hotel. This is great for me but eventually it will kill small businesses. All the sl supporters only thought of themselves and not the big picture. Every dollar counts and negative posts keeping people away only hurt more. I'm a performance boat owner and treat everyone with respect and stay far away from others on the water. I see renters speeding through no wake zones and breaking the 150 rule all the time along with bumping off everyone elses boat while trying to dock ( things need to change for renters)
I appreciate you sharing your observations and opinions on this topic. They are different then mine but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Stay safe and enjoy your time on the water.
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