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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
It's easy to say that FOX news is right and everyone else is wrong when your way of thinking aligns with the slant the commentators have. Anyone of a liberal mindset would say just the opposite and that MSNBC or CNN or fill in tbe blank is telling the truth and correct and FOX news or Newsmax (another great channel) is wrong. They all get things wrong but I do agree these days CNN and MSNBC are the worst at pushing stories that aren't accurate or flat out wrong. People now a days aren't interested in "unbiased" news anymore they want it delivered in a package of their liking.

The commentators are what they are, much as I like Hannity after a while I get a little tired of him because at times he simply over does it just like Maddow who I can barely stand to listen to for 10 minutes. Tucker Carlson is pretty good and probably the most level headed opinion guy out there. Glad he's got that show defiantly an upgrade from O'Reilly.
I disagree with one thing you said here. I believe (most) people would want the NEWS delivered to them objectively (if asked HONESTLY about it) so they can form their opinions with an informed mind. Most people don't even realize they are getting news fed to them on a "biased" basis ( as it's happening to them), ie: millennials!!! It's the dumbing down of America. I believe that NOT telling an important news story (because it doesn't fit an agenda), is the same thing as lying. PROPAGANDA. In a (truly) free society, it is imperative that journalists are objective. However, I agree that most people like to tune in to OPINION shows that they are like minded too, ie: Hannity, Maddow, etc,etc, that is just human nature, and that's fine, they are not "advertising" themselves as the "NEWS". "NEWS" programs that are not objective shouldn't be advertising themselves as "the news"!! It's just wrong, and it's the ENTIRE main stream media, and I think our libel laws need to be "reformed" so that so called "news" channels are held accountable. I realize it can be a slippery slope with the first amendment, but there has to be some sort of "regulation" on these so called "news" programs that spew their propaganda... Again, IMHO.

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