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Arrow Ellison (D) and Brennan...(D)

This Brian Williams?

Originally Posted by Cal Coon View Post
The answer to your question is simple. POWER. That is all Liberals care about. They don't care about this country, women, blacks, Hispanics, gays, lesbians, or anything else. They just use these things as pawns in their chess game to get what they want: POWER. If you want proof, I have the perfect example. Right now we have this circus going on about Judge Kavanaugh. Democrats say he is "guilty" of whatever his accuser has accused him of so he shouldn't be confirmed to the SCOTUS, even though the accuser hasn't even told her side of the story yet. So, if Judge Kavanaugh shouldn't be confirmed because an accusation has been made, how come you don't hear a peep out of any Liberals about Keith Ellison??? If you don't know who he is, look him up because you won't hear anything about him from the main stream media!!! If the liberals were really sincere in their beliefs, then they would be calling for the head of Keith Ellison like they are calling for the head of Kavanaugh, but they're not because Ellison has a "D" next to his name!! Can you say DOUBLE STANDARD??? Do you see the problem here??? I don't mean "you" Maxum, I think you and I are pretty much on the same page, I'm speaking to the "other's" that don't see what we see when it is right there in front of their face!!
Keith Ellison (D) the Middle-Eastern-system convert—the wife-beater?

It's allowed in that "system". ("Just don't hit 'em where it shows").

As for Brennan:

When I got a U. S. Navy Classified Clearance, I was asked if I'd ever joined the W.E.B. DuBois Society. That name, W.E.B. DuBois, an American Communist, showed up on the 1976 ballot for the Presidency.

Probably the briefest YouTube you've ever seen:

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