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Keep in mind that the FISA warrant was the entry point to this investigation and in particular to watch Carter Page who ironically has never been charged with anything. That was the door opening to the FBI and DOJ to go on a fishing expedition for whatever they could find. The others who have been caught in this have been charged with making misleading statements which in and of itself is bad, but they have not lead the investigation that we know of to any significant findings related to the core purpose of this investigation. The validity of the FISA warrant cannot be used as a defense of these individuals because them being targeted is a separate issue. How is Manafort going to use that as a defense for example? What he did and got busted for is a completely separate issue all together. That doesn't clear him from wrong doing just saying they are in no way related - in fact if I'm not mistaken the prosecution of that case was handed off to a different group of people.

The bigger issue here is the way this investigation started, based on what evidence and so forth. While the FISA application presented may have been legal and approved by a judge, the omission of facts related to the supporting evidence presented to obtain it is what is in question. Clearly if there were omissions or misleading information presented to secure this warrant then that is a big problem, especially when you look at who knew what when these were signed off. The evidence thus far as reported is indicating that dossier was a key piece of evidence presented, those that signed off on the warrant knew who gathered that information and who paid for it, and there was a clear link between Fusion GPS, Steel, Ohr who was the conduit to backchannel information into the feds. Such an elaborate scheme only leads one to conclude somebody was trying to cover their tracks. Then we have the leaking of information to the media all done and timed in a coordinated fashion. Something here stinks really bad.

Bottom line the whole basis of this "investigation" seems to be a complete sham but when you have the head honchos at the FBI and DOJ pushing this who's going to question it? Where is the oversight of their actions? Why isn't any of this being looked at. How Mueller can honestly keep this going knowing the entire basis of this was tainted shows me one of two things. He has zero integrity or another partisan hack.

What's sad about this is that the credibility of both the DOJ and FBI have been seriously damaged by this. That should be the big story coming out of this, but it seems that is irrelevant to many on the left as the end justifies the means. That's pretty scary.

It will be interesting to see what comes out with all the information that gets declassified. If the dems are crying national security and keep it away from the public eye, and now the UK is crying as well, there has to be some interesting information coming that they don't want in the public arena. It begs the question as to why. Soon enough we'll find out.
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