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Originally Posted by Dave R View Post
One could reasonably assume that if the FISA warrant was indeed obtained illegally, lawyers would have jumped all over that when defending Manafort, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Gates, Van Der Zwaan, Pinedo, Patten and Cohen. It would have been the easiest defense to mount.

Basically, the FISA warrant legality question comes down to believing either:

A. That a whole bunch of expensive defense attorneys all forgot to implement the easiest defense ever. AND A guy who lies all the time is telling the truth, this time.


B. The FISA warrant was legally obtained.

I'm pragmatic, I believe option B. All those convictions/guilty pleas make it to impossible to believe option A.
If you want to educate yourself on the fisa warrants, and this whole corrupt DOJ, look up these reporters: Sarah Carter, Kimberly Strassel, and John Soloman. Also look up Greg Jarrett, he is a lawyer and he wrote a book out about the whole thing. It would do you some good to watch a few episodes of Sean Hannity as well, or listen to his radio show. You will learn alot from Hannity. He explains everything just about every day, and NEW stuff comes out every day. STUFF THAT THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA HAS BEEN IGNORING FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS!!! These five people have been all over this deep state corruption for the last two years!!! The media has been complicit with the deep state, but they can't ignore it much longer... It is real, and it is deeper than anyone thought possible, but it is finally coming to light... and I would bet any amount of money that Obama knows EVERYTHING about it. I believe it was him that weaponized the fbi, cia, doj, and the irs as well. There are text messages between peter struk and lisa page about the "boss" (Obama) wanting to know EVERYTHING that is going on!! When the New York Times starts to write about it, you know the S##t is about to hit the fan. The NYT has an article today about Rod Rosenstein wanting to secretly tape trump to use as "evidence" to throw Trump out of office. There is a lot more to it, but you can look it up for yourselves if you don't want to believe me... The information is out there, you just have to look it up for yourself because the MSM is corrupt and is just an extension of the democrat party, and will NOT report what doesn't fit their agenda. They are fake news.

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