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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
You also can't make stuff up and submit it to a court for surveillance purposes knowing the source of it is questionable at best.

One could reasonably assume that if the FISA warrant was indeed obtained illegally, lawyers would have jumped all over that when defending Manafort, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Gates, Van Der Zwaan, Pinedo, Patten and Cohen. It would have been the easiest defense to mount.

Basically, the FISA warrant legality question comes down to believing either:

A. That a whole bunch of expensive defense attorneys all forgot to implement the easiest defense ever. AND A guy who lies all the time is telling the truth, this time.


B. The FISA warrant was legally obtained.

I'm pragmatic, I believe option B. All those convictions/guilty pleas make it to impossible to believe option A.
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