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Originally Posted by Dave R View Post
Since there seem to be some avid Trump supporters here, seems like a good place to ask...

Trump says he's going to release some classified documents that will prove there was bias against him within the the FBI during the 2016 election and therefore shows the investigation was tainted from the start. To be completely honest, his assertions seem completely plausible, most people hate the guy.

So let's say Trump does prove bias, so what? Why would it matter? The investigation has already produced dozens of indictments and a bunch of convictions (most from airtight confessions and plea deals) which means that regardless of the impetus for the investigation, there was clearly a lot of law-breaking going on around the man.

I totally get that you can't use illegally gathered evidence to convict someone, but I don't think there are any laws prohibiting law enforcement from investigating (and legally gathering evidence on) someone that they also happen to dislike personally. Anyone here know what the actual laws are on this? To me, it seems like Trump is just posturing in order to change public opinion and that won't have any effect on the current and future convictions that result from the Mueller probe.
You also can't make stuff up and submit it to a court for surveillance purposes knowing the source of it is questionable at best.

Is this really the precedence you'd like to set, make up a story start an investigation and have political hit jobs going on back and forth between rival parties? All you need to do is open an investigation then search for ANYTHING that might destroy the subject. If that's where we are going I suggest doing the same for every member of congress starting with those that have been there the longest!

We shall see what comes out from this release of information but I can bet the contents will put the entire basis of this investigation in question, and furthermore could very well show that coordination of this may have reached beyond the DOJ and FBI. Now I'm no Obama lover, frankly I didn't like him at all, but I really hope this doesn't uncover that he was a knowing participant because that would be unfortunate. While I never liked his policies I'd like to think he had enough integrity to not condone this sort of thing never mind being a participant.

I understand politics is an ugly business, but these days it's not ugly it's disgusting when in the pursuit of power people are destroying one another. This sets the stage and example for everyone else - when leaders act like this is there no surprise that the electorate is equally divided and confrontational. Difference of opinion is one thing, letting that get as combative as it has is destructive to this nation as a whole I don't care what political ideology you happen to adhere to. Sadly I firmly believe there are forces at work that want this country to be tore apart and destroyed and the big question is why?
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