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Since there seem to be some avid Trump supporters here, seems like a good place to ask...

Trump says he's going to release some classified documents that will prove there was bias against him within the the FBI during the 2016 election and therefore shows the investigation was tainted from the start. To be completely honest, his assertions seem completely plausible, most people hate the guy.

So let's say Trump does prove bias, so what? Why would it matter? The investigation has already produced dozens of indictments and a bunch of convictions (most from airtight confessions and plea deals) which means that regardless of the impetus for the investigation, there was clearly a lot of law-breaking going on around the man.

I totally get that you can't use illegally gathered evidence to convict someone, but I don't think there are any laws prohibiting law enforcement from investigating (and legally gathering evidence on) someone that they also happen to dislike personally. Anyone here know what the actual laws are on this? To me, it seems like Trump is just posturing in order to change public opinion and that won't have any effect on the current and future convictions that result from the Mueller probe.
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