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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
They start them young believing that everyone is on an equal playing field, that there are no winners or losers (just participants which are worthy of a trophy) and squelch any concept that accomplishment is a good thing. Just be a useless victim and demand what you want. Don't need to work for it, no no, just wait for the nanny state to re-distribute it to you.

The sad thing is liberals while pontificating how they care so much about the poor, downtrodden, minorities and so on purposely exploit them for their own benefit and power. What better way to ensure total control over the masses than to get them addicted to government and what they call "free stuff".

While it may seem like all is lost, there has been an upswell of people who have extracted their kids out of this cesspool called the education system and actually taught their kids at home with a real curriculum. These kids are smart and motivated and will at some point rule the pansy masses that are being cranked out of the school systems today. Why? Because they don't cry over an election result, run to safe spaces because they don't like something and actually have a backbone to take on this nonsense.

The reason why the liberals and mainstream media despise Trump is the guy doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks of him and isn't beholden to anyone's money. He doesn't care about power, maybe his ego, but we all have flaws. He cares deeply for this country and is trying to fix it which starts by upending the political establishment in DC which explains why they, career politicians from both sides of the aisle, want him out. They don't know what to do with somebody who has the nuts to call things what they are. Thank GOD it's a breath of fresh air for a change.
Amen brother, couldn't agree more!! However, I feel the need to add one thing you missed. Now their latest load of crap they're trying to force down our throats on top of not wanting to recognize winners and losers, is not wanting to recognize penis' and vagina's!!! I heard a lib the other day saying that from the time a child is born, they are not going to use the words "he" or "she" until the CHILD decides what gender they want to be, usually around the age of 4!!! That sounds like a serious mental disorder to me. Now I ask, who is destroying the culture?????

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