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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
You don't know and I don't know what the outcome will be of the Mueller investigation.
I just hope it is best for the country so we can all come together and stop all this hate and dscontent from both sides.
The hate is only coming from one side... and it's never ending. It's what they do since they can't debate the issues. They do it to EVERY Republican president. Think about it. Since I have been around, it has been Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Bush, and now Trump. They did it to McCain when he was running for president, but all of a sudden (lately) they loved him because he hated Trump. Hypocrites. They will only stop when they are in power, (God forbid). That's what it is all about to them, POWER, even at the expense of the country, they don't care about the country, all they care about is POWER. That's why liberalism is a mental disorder. The Mueller investigation will come up with NOTHING it was supposedly intended for: Russian collusion, (which isn't even a crime!!). I would bet my life on it.
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