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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
I wonder what these former employees of the Don have to offer in their new job?
NOTHING, since Trump ran for, and got elected president. Something would of leaked if Mueller had anything. It doesn't matter anyways. This entire investigation was started on fraudulent premises, so anything they find will be for not since they went about business illegally. There is a "thing" called the Bill of Rights that we citizens are entitled to, and if law enforcement agencies get caught infringing on those rights, or don't cross their T's and dot their I's, charges are dropped. Even when they're made up out of thin air!! There will be no charges. A sitting President cannot be indicted. Our founding fathers were absolutely brilliant. It's almost as if they knew back then that the Democrat party would eventually go rouge with corruption!! I really don't think you realize what is going on here. You should try watching something other than cnn, all it does is dumb down it's viewer(s) with fake news. Luckily it's not many, but one is too much!!
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