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Originally Posted by ApS View Post
The other day, I was watching TV with my Liberal neighbors, when a spokes-person stated,
I pointed to the TV, smirked and said, "My people".

They both laughed.
The reason they call conservatives all those ridiculous names is simply because they KNOW they can not debate the issues and come out looking like the winner. They lose the argument EVERY time, (unless they lie through their teeth!!) so they have to "destroy" their opponents rather than debate the issues. No true, red blooded American would ever vote for today's liberal if the liberal actually stated his beliefs honestly, ie: Obama!!! They have just gone way to far to the left, hence the reason why they fight so hard for open borders. (They NEED those people on the Govt dole for future votes...) It's just a "play" in their playbook that they have been using for many, many years... The problem now though for them, is that the people are now realizing they have been getting "played" for all these years, and are realizing what the truth is, and it is starting to backfire on them starting with the election of Trump...!!! The results of these upcoming mid term elections will tell us all we need to know as to where the "majority" is in this country. Funny, all you hear about is the "blue wave" that is coming from the msm just like they said Trump can never beat hillary!! We shall see...

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