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Originally Posted by ApS View Post
Back in May, according to a DC attorney [DiGenova] had predicted that Brennan, Clapper and Comey will be indicted—but this is "old-news".

More indictments are to be handed down soon (next week?) regarding the FBI agents and appointees I'd listed previously.

DiGenova would be an awesome AG!! He get's my vote, or Judge Jeannine Pirro, flip a coin!!! I just saw a video on youtube that James O'keefe (from Project Veritas) is going to be releasing video's that he has been (secretly) taking on individuals involved in the deep state corruption scheme one by one!!! Between that, and Trump releasing the documents (that Rosenstien has been refusing to release to Devin Nunes), any day now, should make things pretty interesting...!!! This news makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!!! Can't wait for the media's reaction...!!!
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