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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
America is a mix of socialism and capitalism.
Prime example is that you can have private property but MUST pay taxes or you will lose it.

Capitalism is ideal until it fails and socialism has to bail it out.
Please, give me one example where socialism bailed out capitalism. Socialism has FAILED every time it's been tried, and capitalism has worked every time it's been tried. Socialism breeds misery, capitalism inspires people. Losing something, (property in this case), because you don't pay for it, is not socialism. Is it socialism when the bank repo's your car when you don't make the payments? Socialism was the mandate in obamacare, (that Trump removed), that made anyone without health insurance pay a fine for NOT having it!! That is so wrong. The Federal Govt should NEVER force anyone to HAVE to buy anything, or be penalized. NOT EVER. That goes against everything this country was founded on!!! Shame on Justice Roberts.
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